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howdoes-girls 25 Feb 2007 How does girls’ education fight poverty?

How does girls’ education fight poverty? Educating girls is an essential part of winning the fight against global poverty. On average, an educated girl boosts the income of her .. Read more

what-prevent-girls 25 Feb 2007 What prevents girls from attending school? There are many factors that keep children out of school, but girls in particular face significant barriers. School fees and the related cost of books or uniforms prevent many .. Read more

mf 25 Feb 2007 What can the international community do? Many programs that target girls’ education are showing considerable success in increasing enrollment and completion. A World Food Program initiative that provided both food and take home rations for .. Read more

347_31208198694_510083694_913386_8580_n 25 Feb 2007 Girls’ Education Key to Global Wealth, Health, New Council Report Finds

The imperative to educate girls in the developing world is great: 104 million children ages 6-11 are out of school, and 60 million of them are girls; Nearly 76 countries .. Read more

mf 25 Feb 2007 USAID-Global Snapshots: Morocco and Education USAID/Morocco promotes policy changes aimed at achieving gender equity in schools. Educational activities, such as the training of school personnel, focus on providing quality basic education for girls in .. Read more

mf 25 Feb 2007 USAID-Global Snapshots: Morocco and Economic Growth USAID/Morocco is providing assistance to help Morocco’s economy address the challenges of liberalization. Mission activities include providing opportunities for small- and micro-enterprises to grow and promoting greater involvement of .. Read more

347_31208788694_510083694_913421_9364_n 12 Feb 2007 Getting teachers to rural schools: deployment issues

The problem of teachers is often considered as a problem of teacher numbers. While there is no doubt that many countries face challenges of teacher supply, there are equally serious .. Read more

347_31208668694_5484_n 12 Feb 2007 Rural schools: Gender & Deployment issues

Gender The deployment patterns also have implications for gender equity. Across sub-Saharan Africa, the enrolment and retention of girls in school is lower than that of boys. The under-representation of .. Read more

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