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teachers-for-rural-schools 8 Aug 2007 Teachers For Rural Schools: A Challenge For Africa

TEACHERS FOR RURAL SCHOOLS: A CHALLENGE FOR AFRICA Mulkeen, A. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) (2005) This paper is based on country case studies done in .. Read more

mf 3 Aug 2007 What is Poverty?

What is Poverty? We use the term “poorest” or “very poor” to refer to people living on less than $1 per day or in the bottom half of those living .. Read more

300k-childreen 27 Jul 2007 300K children are non-schooled

Some 300K children are non-schooled, dropouts in Morocco, study Rabat, July 26 – Over 300,000 children are dropouts or have never been to school in Morocco, revealed, here Thursday, the .. Read more

impact 19 Jul 2007 Education’s impact

24,000: the number of people who die everyday of hunger or hunger-related causes. UNESCO: Countries with an adult literacy rate of about 40 percent, GNP per capita averaged $210 annually; .. Read more

basic-facts 19 Jul 2007 Basic Facts…you should know

Children living in poor environments are extremely vulnerable: lack of medical treatment and facilities, soiled and dirty water usage, poor and unbalanced nutrition are few characteristics of such standard of .. Read more

mf 19 Jul 2007 Recommendations

Recommendations: Prevention • Develop/improve policies to ensure provision of basic social services (e.g. water, education, healthcare) to all. • Develop a National Strategy for Education that enables access for all .. Read more

KYyI_15bkcUNvaHks8LKGa4iDS6N35d3ze2QmCWR5DZZDG629bbsd7xQcrH4Wda13kgQDwC5Q1I 19 Jul 2007 Lessons From …

Achievements: Government The ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child; the introduction of a new penal code adopted in 2002 (ensuring, among other things, legal assistance .. Read more

street-children 19 Jul 2007 Street Children – Morocco

Background: Population estimated in 2001 at 29.1 million, of which 44% are rural and 39.5% are aged 18 and under.  Many factors have prompted large scale urban migration from rural .. Read more

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