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What we do

Morocco Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization that was created by a team of seasoned Moroccan professionals who share the same vision of a better future for the people of Morocco.

To fight poverty and illiteracy in Morocco.

We aim to reduce poverty by improving the availability and quality of services for the disadvantaged and poor population groups. Our projects benefits children, especially the ethnic minorities and rural people by giving priority to cost-effective interventions.


Morocco Foundation completed several projects, thanks to your generous donations and the hard work of many volunteers and the MF team.

In this section, you will be able to learn more about our achievements, current and prospective projects.

As the ultimate tool to stop and prevent Child Labor, we fund education projects for rural children.

We are constantly working on improving the healthcare conditions of very sick and disadvantaged people, by providing them a financial support, medicines and offering wheelchairs to disabled Moroccans.

The ultimate source of Life. Making it accessible for rural communities is a challenge that concerns us all. Not only water is used for cooking and drinking, but it helps in preventing diseases through proper hygiene and enabling commerce as well as generating revenue through agriculture and livestock.

To answer the many requests received, we support several families with their needs during Eid Al Adha celebrations.

The Morocco Foundation does not charge any overheads or administrative fees. We offer the most comprehensive projects for our community in the hope to set a philanthropic example and assist people in need.

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