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Iftar 2014
Morocco Foundation sponsored an “Iftar” for residents of Nursing Home in Casablanca
Morocco Foundation sponsored an “Iftar” for residents of Nursing Home in Casablanca

Ramadan is the holly month in which Muslims come closer to Allah through worship and helping others. When we fast we try to taste the pain and suffering of poor and destitute, and it’s an opportunity to help and extend our hands to them. As part of its humanitarian initiatives and in comply with these Islamic morals, the “Association A Better Tomorrow” has organized an “Iftar” with the residents of the Nursing home of Ain Chok, Casablanca in reflection of this holly month’s values.

The event took place on Saturday, July 19, 2014, and it was an opportunity to break solitude of residents of the home who are away from their relatives and family. It was a chance to take some warm to the home and draw a smile on residents’ faces during these holly moments.

The participants of this initiative gathered at the Home by 17:00 pm. Then, they sorted out clothes they brought as gifts for residents. After that, they helped women of the home make Henna tattoos and enjoy some joyful moments. Later on, it was time to share the “Iftar” with the residents by 19:45 pm, and it was a chance to chat and discuss with them. And finally, clothes and bath kits were distributed.

Morocco Foundation embraces such humanitarian actions that meet with its goals and values, so it participated by sponsoring the event. Members from the foundation have also joined and took part in the initiative.

Such initiatives are the real image of a Muslim community that unites on others’ help.
As the holly Quran cited it “And cooperate in righteousness and piety”. That’s the core of Islam and its noble morals and we really need such humanitarian initiatives to be numerous.


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