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SOS Children's Villages Morocco
Morocco Foundation Donates in Favor of SOS Children’s Villages Morocco
Morocco Foundation Donates in Favor of SOS Children’s Villages Morocco

The major concern of Morocco Foundation is education, and we consider it the core of any development. That’s why we try to take part in different initiatives that target students and schooling.

MF tries to be part of several humanitarian actions destined to education. To keep pushing toward the realization of our values, we have always collaborated with associations that share the same angle of view.

SOS Children’s Villages Morocco is an association that also shares the same concerns about children and education. SOSCV Morocco places central value on education and works to provide educational assistance to children growing up without family support in their SOS children’s villages.

SOS Children’s Villages helps by providing a permanent home, childcare, education, … for children without family support and support them till become self-sufficient (that is to say, until they have training, a job and a roof). In this way, the association works to make sure that children can grow up with safety, security, dignity and love, in families.

The association host and accompany around 600 abandoned children in 5 villages around the country. Such big projects are a great defy that requires huge financial funds.

To make sure that we also contribute in these big challenges, we have donated a sum of about 20,000DHs in favor of SOS Children’s Villages association to buy new clothes for 200 children for winter.. With this donation, we try, in spite of our limited sources, to help in offering proper care to the children in the association’s villages.

 We believe that when you provide education for someone, you’re offering him tools to fight poverty and in turn be an active member in society. This is a kind of investment that would be beneficial for the country’s development.

For more information about Morocco Foundation and SOS Children’s Village Morocco or to make a donation, please consult the websites :    and


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