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Morocco Foundation contributed to the success of “Opération Cartable 2013”
Morocco Foundation contributed to the success of “Opération Cartable 2013”

It is September; it’s back to school time, the moment for children to fill their packs with new items and head to their classrooms. As usual, Morocco Foundation encourages education in rural areas and always thinks about needy children there and participates in every humanitarian action targeting them.

This year, the Association a Better Tomorrow has leaded an action it called “Opération Cartable”. The action’s aim was to distribute bags and school supplies for needy students. And the beneficiaries were students of a rural school in the suburbs of Eljadida, city not far from Casablanca.

In addition to filled bags with school items including pens, new copybooks, rules, erasers, scissors, compasses, pencil cases…etc, the association has also donated clothes and shoes for orphan students. Such kind of actions are just to be applauded as they give the example for other associations and people to follow and do the same in other parts of the country and extend their hands to others in need.

The association members who have participated in distribution action, made also a great ambiance with different activities that succeeded to draw a smile on students’ faces.

The activities and the whole action have been appreciated by students and their parents as well who expressed their thanks for all those behind the action.

Morocco Foundation, whenever it’s possible, doesn’t let such opportunities pass without contributing, so it has made a 10.000 dhs donation to this action as those noble projects serve its main mission and the goals it’s created for.

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