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Drilling a Water Well For a Rural School
Drilling a Water Well For a Rural School
Drilling a Water Well For a Rural School

Education is the key to every society’s development. And because we in Morocco Foundation association believe fully in this philosophy, we have always done our best to contribute in any initiatives that target this vital element that push up progress.

Morocco Foundation and Chaouia Association that share the same principles continued their collaboration in implementing projects for the benefit of rural and remote areas. This time, we worked together in a project that aimed at giving access to drinking water for students of a school in the region of LAKHLAIF village, (region Settat / Khouribga).

In addition to the well drilling that was the main point, the project included also the connection of two homes of teachers and school’s toilets with water, in addition to the construction of a drinking fountain at the school yard.

The main challenge that was faced when drilling was to reach water in this region known for scarceness in this vital element. The expectation was to reach water by 60 meters, but it was until 110 meters digging that water was reached.

The realization of the project, that started the 1st November 2014 and finished after a week, needed an approximate budget of 50.000,00 DH. The ultimate goal of this initiative is to give students of the benefited school all means that will help them receive quality education; something we believe in Morocco Foundation to be the first step into development.

After the completion of this lucrative project, we tend to thank anyone who took part and share the association’s values, mainly improving people’s lives. We look forward to get your support to realize together as much projects as we can to assure we have made a touch, no matter how simple it is.


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