Custom-made wheelchairs for the children

We are currently proceeding to the distribution of free customized wheelchairs for the needy in Morocco, in collaboration with ROC Wheenls, AMH-Association Marocaine des Handicapes and Centre Noor in Casablanca, Morocco.

We need your support to fund the project and distribute more wheelchairs. Donations in the US are tax-deductible. If a child is disable, the whole family is impacted. Please donate and make a difference worth a lifetime of mobility.

To donate in Morocco:

R.I.B. : 225 810 0355033976510103 43

You can always contact us at:


The Morocco Wheelchair Distribution scheduled from April 26—May 5th will be based in Casablanca where 200 individuals will be custom fit to their new wheelchairs.  The Morocco Foundation has been our strategic partner in Casablanca.  This mission includes a large percentage of young children in need of specialized seating.  The custom fitting team will be very busy making precise adjustments to each wheelchair in order to best serve the recipient.  This will be ROC’s first trip to Morocco.  We are excited to strengthen new partnerships to help 200 Moroccans and discus ways to work together to provide follow up, as well as create records of people needing wheelchairs in the future.  ROC is progressing well towards establishing manufacturing and assembly operations in developing countries.  Not much is know yet about Morocco’s potential to produce wheelchairs.  The Morocco Foundation will help to open up dialogue to investigate potential for manufacturing.  The need for specialized wheelchairs in Morocco is staggering and we look forward to this mission and all future opportunities to empower Moroccans to provide for their own needs.


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