Bikes For Remote Students

In collaboration with Morocco Founation, Chaouia association organizes for the school year 2013-2014, a collection of new and used bikes in favor of school children from needy families in LAKHLAIF village, (region Settat / Khouribga )

1 Child + a Bike = 1 future

Offering a bike means giving a transport locomotion that is vital for everyday life, practical and cheap to maintain.

This bike is going to help children to make their way to school more quickly, and will allow them believe in their future.

 Goal:  Funding at least 20 bikes


A child’s education is not just a matter of parents and teachers; it is for the whole community.



Thanks to funds in its disposition, Chaouia association has often invited volunteers to participate in operations to support LAKHLAIF village and its region like:

– A medical caravan for poor people in rural towns
– Drilling a well at school LAKHLAIF
– Construction of a mosque at the village/ Douar LAKHLAIF

Today, the association is appealing you to help these children to get to school in best conditions.

In fact, a small local study has allowed the identification of an important number of children that quitted school because of means and long distances to trip to arrive to school.

Distances between children’s residence and their schools are too large, in regard of different tasks they have to perform; thus, the school is often relegated to second plan. Those big distances to get to school are the cause behind a lot of school dropouts.

When you increase the mobility of students, they will easily get to school. These bikes will then be used to help them maintain school, and will assure the completion of an education of quality.

Thanks to your donations and to these bikes of which children will take the greatest care, their school doors will come closer, and their dream of a better future as well.


“We are really happy to attend class. We want to do a good job and succeed” said Zahra, 11 years old. Until recently, the chores and household tasks were here daily routine. Today, Zahra goes to school, like all children of the village. “I want to become a nurse and my friend, a teacher!”

Some facts and informations:


– Location: to 1h30 of car drive from Casablanca.
– Schooling level: Primary
– 4 classrooms
– 4 teachers
– 180 students


– aged from 6 to 12 years old
– distance between  home and school: between 6 to 10 km (3.8 to 6.3 miles)

Morocco Foundation Association Education Health Hapiness

Found in 2004 by a team of Moroccan professionals residents or have resided in USA, the association Morocco Foundation battle for a same vision: Fight against poverty and illiteracy for a better future for most vulnerable Moroccans.

Chaouia Association

Found in 2011, the association is located in the region of Settat/ Khouribga and has for objective:

– To help poor children to continue their studies
– To develop schools of Douars away from cities
– To support needy families to build up profitable projects
– To participate in the development of the region

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