300K children are non-schooled

Some 300K children are non-schooled, dropouts in Morocco, study

Rabat, July 26 – Over 300,000 children are dropouts or have never been to school in Morocco, revealed, here Thursday, the Secretariat for Literacy and non-Formal Education.

Presenting this study, the State Secretary for Education and non-Formal Education, Anis Birou said the latter provides with data on children dropout and non-schooling, their families’ social and economic conditions as well as the factors facilitating their re-schooling.

“This data allow a better diagnosis in schools and communes that are in need of a fast and integrated intervention,” he noted, adding that this UNICEF-led initiative seeks to mobilize students, teachers, employers, local communes as well as civil society, at the local, regional and national level, concerning the right to education and to highlight the factors of non-schooling and school dropout.

Mr. Birou recalled the setting up of a follow-up study of school dropout through the creation of the “priority schooling project”, which aims to build up a geographical mapping of the school dropout phenomenon.